School Sport Australia Golf Championships Perth

As you may recall Pyper Hollis (Kew) after 160 holes played in 6 days, with cold, wet and horrible conditions at Yamba Golf Club was honoured to represent her state in the NSW State Golf Team to travel to Mandurah, Perth WA. Pyper was hoping to win gold again after proudly representing the Western Australia State Golf Team this time last year in the same event!
Pyper travelled to WA for the tournament on the 25-30 August 19.

Pyper’s comments on the event:

“Amazing weather for 3 days and 2 terrible conditions of rain and wind to accompany. Pleased to say team NSW is coming home winners again for 2019.
With walking over 70kms, waking up at 4:30am every day, practicing in pitch black, we think it’s about this week ended on a high!”
Match play results were close once again, with everyone having some wins and losses. Pretty proud winning 4/5 of her own matches against the other Australian teams that competed.
Taking home bronze for scratch play and was feeling pretty proud of her efforts, in good and bad conditions.
Thank you for the support.


Team NSW

Piper Hollis